Couple/Relational Therapy

Are you a couple, throuple, or pod in need of help? Have problems arisen in the relationship(s) due to lack of trust, jealousy, financial stress, infidelity, and/or miscommunication? If so, relational treatment may be what you need. My approach is affirmative and attachment-based, using the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy. More often than not, we tend to bring in our family of origin dynamics and past relationship difficulties into current relationships, and these attachment issues can trigger the attachment issues of our partner(s). I am here to help reduce the negative interactions between you and your partner(s) in order to provide more security and safety in the relationship(s).

Fee for Service: $185 per 60-minute session or $200 per 75-minute session; insurance not accepted

By Appointment Only

Please reach out when you're ready!